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You don’t have to know Forex at all – We trade for you on Managed Accounts (MAM)! Happy Trading!



 Revolution in AutomatedTrading

Get the best deals with us:

Over 80% Accuracy, almost a Holy Grail.

There are very few losses. PipCutter opens trades that have a very high probability of success. It has very low Stop Loss in case the market changes unexpectedly.

Works with all brokers: ECN, STP, MM.

This EA can be applied with all brokers, since the trading method it uses is not forbidden. It’s not scalping, it doesn’t use any other forbidden trading methods. 

It can work both Market Makers, ECN or STP Brokers which will never put any restrictions on this robot and will welcome you when you make money there.

Works with all currency pairs, metals, oil, etc.

“Pip Cutter” can work with all currencies and instruments, however, the best pairs are those that have low spreads like EURUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF, etc. Since it is best to use it in ECN, STP and NDD brokers, it tries to open trades when the spread is very low.

Works in all market trends and consolidations.

It works in ALL market conditions, up- and downtrends, as well as consolidation periods. It is actually a combination of 3 systems. The first system brings big profits when there are rising or falling Trends on the market. The other system makes money in Consolidation periods. The third one uses fundamental analysis. So no matter how the market behaves, this EA can produce profits all the time.

You can start with as low as $2,500.

And you don’t need much capital to start with. The lowest capital is $2,500. 

Many other systems require minimum deposit of $5,000 or even $10,000, which is very difficult to afford for a regular trader, both beginner or advanced.

Pip Cutter” makes steady profits and it’s possible to increase the order size progressively, e.g. from 0.5 lots to 1.0, 2.0 or 5.0 and more lots to make even more money.

You don’t need to pay any upfront Fees.

The only thing you have to do is to fund an account with a chosen broker. You can start with as low as $2,500, that’s all!

We share the profits after a trading period, no need to pay anything upfront!

You don’t have to trade, just get the Money.

You don’t get the robot, you don’t trade. We trade for you!!! You don’t need to worry about the setup, make sure the PC is on and the internet works. We do all of these things for you. In return, we take a portion of the profits the “Pip Cutter” makes.

Best Forex EA on The Market

We believe that seeing LIVE results on a few Real accounts with different brokers is the best proof of the EA performance. Seeing is believing. We don’t want to convince you too much like other robot sellers. Take it or leave it!

Many other EA creators will show you either demo accounts or past results, but never FORWARD results on LIVE accounts. This is the best way to make sure that the EA actually works and can be very profitable.

The robot was created after many months of testing with different brokers and market conditions and finally our team of traders and programmers have succeeded in creating an EA that really works and can make money, not like most other EAs you can find on the Internet.

  • If you want to know more about the System and how to make money, go to “About MAM” page.
  • If you would like to get it, go to the “Contact” page.


Remember, WE make money if YOU make money!


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  1. I like Forex and your work is really good. Amazing results! You make $5,000 for me in a week
    Thank you so much Robert

  2. Thank you for helping me make profit in Forex after so many losses I faced. Now, I want to purchase your EA. Please guide me. Thank you.

  3. Hello Sir, I am happy joining your money management service. You doubled my account in just three days. Thank you so much.

  4. Hi, I really am interested at your money management service. Please give me information about your money management service. Thank you.

  5. Hi. Would you please send me information about the price and show me performance and results on a live trading account and i would like my account to be managed by you.

  6. Hi, I am interested in your service. Would you please send me information about the price and show me the results on a live trading account?

  7. Thanks for the good trading. I have plan to use your money management service again with higher deposit.

  8. Some of my friends talk about your great system. How can I join? I am really interested. Please contact me.

  9. I would like to know about your Robot. i have little money like 250 usd. i would like to know how to trade. can i be able to buy your Robot. how much does it cost?

    1. Hi Ronald, The price of our EA is $2,500. Please check your email we already sent you the details. Thank you.

  10. Could you help me to handle my account? I’ve been loss. What strategies are you using? Please help me! How much the minimum investment?

  11. Hi. Would you please send me information about the price and show me performance and results on a life trading account .
    Thank you

  12. Sir thank you for your robot. I make 3600 dollar in my acc. thank you very much sir, your robot working the best!!

    1. To join Pip Cutter you only need to give us your account Login, Password and Server Name or IP Address, then we can start trading on your account.

  13. We like Forex and your works really good. Amazing results! You make for me $10,000 in a week
    Thank you so much Robert

  14. I want to say thank you for the good work you’ve done. I’ve transferred the money by Western Union. I ‘ll be back on Skype in 3 days. You can start for the next trade as you want.

  15. HI Robert ,
    Thanks for the information.
    Do you trade ECN with low spread or without it? because I see no commission in the statement .
    You introduced many Brokers .Is there any difference which one I choose?

    1. Hello Jamshid, ECN brokers have commission, but then the spread is lower, e.g. $10 commission and 0.4-0.7 spread, so it’s almost the same as other brokers, e.g. STP or MM, so there is no difference between the brokers in this aspect.
      The robot can be set to deal with the ECN commission or different spreads, so don’t worry about it.

  16. Hi Robert, your share has been sent, check your email & your Neteller account. Please start trading & making profit again. Thanks!!!

  17. Thanks Pipcutter, I was using your service last month. My account just made $10000 profit only 3 weeks, and it is really great. I hope we can make some cooperation again with your team soon. Thank you.

    1. The profit share depends on the initial deposit:
      50% – $2,500
      45% – $10,000
      40% – $50,000
      35% – $250,000
      30% – $1,000,000
      Withdrawals can be weekly or monthly. If the profits are high, we prefer to withdraw more often.

  18. Wow !
    I couldn’t believe my eyes.
    The results is REALLY SUPERB ! I would recommend you to use this EA because I have made almost 500% in a month

  19. Would you please send me information about the price and show me performance and results on a life trading account .

  20. Hi Robert,
    just funded.. and start with this Pipcutter, can see the profit.. good job on managing fx acc .. not like the others… keep the good job..

  21. I am very much interested in this magical robot, but can’t afford to buy. Will anyone help me out, so my dreams in life come to reality.
    Please, help me out.

    1. You can choose our Money Management Service. You can invest some money and let us trade for you.
      We can make up to 500% profit in a month.

  22. Dear Admin,
    My name is Jacky Nguyen .I like forex and alway lose money not get any profit in forex so can you help me and i share profit to you .I have a big group of forex but not get much profit in fx.

    My email is :

    Thanks Admin

    1. Hi another question if I invest 2500 USD with you what are the terms of profit and loss . Please guide me and reply send me your office address in Dubai

      also you can on one week get profit around 15000 $


    1. Our system is totally run automatic to make profit our client’s account. If you are interested, you can go to

  23. Thank you very much about your profit. Now, I can pay my credit card and I can buy new house.
    Two days ago I will invest $10,000. I hope you can make profits again. I trust you.

  24. Hi I am a retail trader and I am interested in pipcutter but I was wondering if you have any myfxbook accounts that I could look at which use the system and was also wondering if I could give the system a go with a smaller initial deposit of £500?

  25. Great Profits. Lucky me I came to your blog. I am very happy right now. Thank you so much Mr. Robert

  26. I really appreciate your work Mr. Robert.
    You made $25,000 just in a month!
    Now, I can pay my debt and enjoy my vacation.
    I hope you can make a huge profit again in this month, thank you.

  27. We like Forex and your works really good
    Amazing results!!! you make for me $15,000 in a week
    Thank you so much

  28. 私はあなたが非常にあなたに感謝し、私は、我々はより多くを交換し、より大きなお金次の時間を作る返しますそれが好きです。 ありがとうございます。

  29. Hi another question if I invest 2500 USD with you what are the terms of profit and loss . Plaese guide me and reply send me your office address in Japan

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